Tiger 10.4.1 for Intel X86 on BitTorrent

It is probably too early to tell if it is true, but there are some rumors going around that there is a bit torrent of a version of OS X that runs on regular intel hardware. There is even an image of a Compaq running the operating system. Some people have the opinion that this is a clever ploy by Apple to create a lot of publicity. Personally I doubt if that’s the case. It seems unlikely that they would be trying to get publicity for something that you won’t be able to buy for another 12 months or so. There is quite a bit of discussion going on about whether or not the download is real. Most of the Slashdot crowd is calling it a fake, but several posters to www.thePirateBay.org claim that the file called Mac.OS.X.Tiger.X86.READNFO-XISO is the real thing.

PirateBay is showing only one download of the operating system so far and one user is claiming to have it installed. I must admit that when I saw the rumors originally, the thought of posting an iso of Linux labeled as Tiger for Intel did cross my mind. The file being shared may be the result of someone else having the same idea.

The best comment on Slashdot was this:

I think the question all mac users are asking is, will this run on Virtual PC???


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