Multi-tasking Communication Failure

I was on a video conference and chat room today. Someone on the video conference asked what to do about some issue with management. At few minutes before someone had typed into the chat window asking how to delete tasks. I responded with, “You have to kill them.”

My chat popped up on everyone’s screen right after the management question. The person talking on video conference said, “Well, Mark, I suppose that is one option.”


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  1. Hi Mark:

    Hope you might have a moment to give me some advise on how to stop any code collisions.
    I tried to do this with a State Machine but am a bit confused.

    I have a realtime datafeed that goes to an
    ActiveX hosted in Process1. When the data arrives in Process1 it makes a XProcess call to Process2 (my chart application). When the data arrives in Process2 it is initially sent to a buffer and then a call
    is made to a Function that contans a Do/Loop which reads the buffer and then calls the Chart routines which display the data in Picturebox by directly calling the Paint event.
    I also have a set of user tools that allow the user (me) to interact with the picturebox using the charted (XY) data as reference. Currently when I use
    the Tools, I STOP the call to the Chart routine (painting) but still allow Process1 to send the data XProcess so it can be buffered. So far, I have not had a problem, since the Tools use Mouse events, but I am concerned since I use a single thread, possible issues may occur.
    1) Would it be better if I sent a XProcess message to Process1 to tell it to stop sending data when Tools are being used — the data will continue to be received from the server by Process1 and I can buffer the data in Process1 until the user is finished using the tools?

    1. I’m having trouble following your description as a state machine. It sounds like your concern is about some other aspect than just the flow of moving through various states to end up in either an accepted or rejected state, so I don’t think I’m in a good position to offer any advice that would be useful.

      Is there some part of what you are doing that is specific to a state machine that I might be able to help with?

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