Android Daylight Savings Time Change

My Sprint Android Nexus S had a problem with the time zone change last night. Not only did it set the time back by an hour (possibly based on the carrier signal), but it also switched from Central Time To Mountain Time. I am able to fix the problem by unchecking the “Automatic – use carrier supplied values” and manually specifying central time, but if I recheck the “Automatic” box it changes back to mountain time.

It seems as if Sprints Carrier signal accidentally started sending out a different timezone instead of sending out time code and saying it was CDT. So basically the Android clock fell back by two hours instead of one.


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  1. My husband and I have the exact phone….Nexus S…. with Sprint as my carrier. He was in Indiana last night/this morning and when he woke up, his phone was correct. I was in TN, and when I woke up, my phone was an hour EARLIER than it should have been! (it said 5:00am, it was actually 6:00am). I had to turn my phone OFF and back ON in order for it to be on the correct time. We both had our phones settings the same —- WIERD!

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