Setting up SVN over SSH

If you want to access svn over ssh, you need to make sure that everyone has the correct file permissions. In the following steps we create a directory named svn-repo and change it’s ownership to a group called svn. Then we create the repository and change the security to allow access by people in the svn group.

mkdir svn-repo
chgrp -R svn svn-repo
cd svn-repo
svnadmin create
chmod -R 770 .
chmod g+s db

On Unix and Linux clients using svn over ssh is very straight forward. Windows is a little more tricky. You’ll need to download plink.exe (one of the downloads with putty.exe) and the subversion command line client. Install them and then copy all the files to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32. You now need to make sure that SVN knows to run plink for ssh. Do this by issuing:
set SVN_SSH=plink.exe -l [username] -pw [password]
This will tell SVN how to log in using ssh. (You’ll probably want to add this to your profile so you don’t have to run it each time. You may also need to logon once using plink.exe to get the keys to work. To do this just connect to the SVN server using ssh (plink [email protected]).

Once this is set you should be able to use svn normally.


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