Silver Dollar City Tips

Useful Information:

  1. The Silver Dollar City Commemorative Mugs cost $10 filled, but once you own one you can use them year after year and get drinks at a greatly reduced price.
  2. The places selling drinks will fill your cup with ice water for free.  This is much cheaper than buying the bottled water.
  3. When Silver Dollar City opens at 10 am, the traffic seems to be backed up the most at 10:00 to 10:30. Coming a bit earlier or a bit later will minimize the time you spend with your car in line.
  4. The lines on the water rides increase and decrease with the temperature.
  5. The length of the lines doesn’t really tell you how long the wait will be. The number of cars being run will determine your wait at least as much as the length of the line.
  6. As you come into the main part of Silver Dollar City, on the right there are two all-you-can eat restaurants.   The top one is called Molly’s Mill and is the one most people see.  Underneath it is a restaurant set in an old mine. It is easier to miss and it is a bit cheaper.  The food selection and quality seems about the same at both.  Kids under 4 eat for free and there is a reduced price for those under 11.
  7. You get a 10% discount  on most food purchases by presenting a season pass.
  8. If you have a Silver Dollar City Season Pass, don’t forget to bring your photo id.  They will check it when you come into the park.
  9. If you are going for at least two days, the Silver Dollar City Season Pass is  probably your cheapest option.
  10. Season Passes ordered in advance sometimes come with coupons free or reduced admission for guests during certain dates.
  11. There is a two day pass available, but only if you stay at Silver Dollar City owned cabins.
  12. March through October, if you come after 3pm, you can the next day for free.
  13. Silver Dollar City no longer accepts American Express.
  14. Most of the shops and vendors will take credit cards.  A few of the popcorn stands have to process the card at a different stand.
  15. The shows in Silver Dollar City are included on a first come first served basis, but you can buy an additional pass to guarantee you a seat.
  16. There is a big show in the outdoor amphitheater most evenings around 6pm. It is included as part of admission to the park.
  17. The park was built around Marvel Cave.  You can take a tour with a guide.  It is included as part of your ticket price.
  18. The cave tour is a lot of walking down stairs and there is a train (of sorts) that will bring up back to the top.
  19. Most of the shops are air conditioned which is a welcome relief in 100+ degree weather.
  20. Most purchases can be sent to the exit and held for you so you don’t have to carry them around all day.

Interesting Facts:

  1. Silver Dollar City sits on top of Marvel Cave.
  2. Marvel Cave was originally called Marble Cave when it was discovered because it appeared to have ceilings made of marble.  It turns out they were just plain old rock.
  3. The only thing valuable in the cave was bat guano.
  4. The urban legend that women’s makeup is made from bat guano was started by a tour guide in Marvel Cave years ago.
  5. The town above the cave was burned by a group that called themselves Baldknobbers after a fight in the local bar. This incident is what the theme of the ride Fire in the Hole is based on.
  6. Fire in the Hole is the parks original rollercoaster


7 Replies to “Silver Dollar City Tips”

    1. I believe you can. I haven’t ever seen any signs prohibiting it and I’ve seen a lot of families with their lunches and even small coolers. They may not want you bringing in glass bottles though.

  1. Was wondering about size restrictions. Can a plus size person ride the rides? Also was wondering if you have bag/ souvenir cup do they have a place to hold them when you are on a ride or do you have to rent a locker to ride these rides? Thanks for the info.

    1. I’m not sure how comfortable many of the rides would be for larger people. I know they do have extension belts for at least some. Many of the rides have cubby holes where you can leave things like bags, hats or glasses. You could leave your cups there, but I wouldn’t leave money in these.

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