Proof of Time Travel?

On Tuesday, March 11th, 2008, somebody made one of the craziest bets Wall Street has ever seen. The mystery figure spent $1.7 million on a series of options, gambling that shares in the venerable investment bank Bear Stearns would lose more than half their value in nine days or less.

via Wall Street’s Naked Swindle

And it worked.  In less than a week, the trader turned his money into over a quarter of a billion dollars.  Funny thing is, no one knows who did it.

Some unimaginative types consider this to be a case of insider trading, but I prefer to think it proves the existence of time travel.

Eventually this post made it to the front page of Google for “proof of time travel”  and some people reading the page were quite angry for one reason or another. So in order to help fill the Internet with useful information and keep from getting flamed by people looking for better proof, I’ve included the incidents below that are often considered proof of time travel.

Swiss Watch In Tomb

In 2008 during the excavation of a 400 year old sealed tomb in Shangsi Town, China a chunk of dirt was knocked off and landed with a metallic sound. Upon investigation it was discovered that there was a Swiss ring watch in the dirt. The watch was supposedly of a make that wouldn’t be developed until hundreds of years after the tomb  had been sealed.

Cell Phone in Charlie Chaplin

In one of Charlie Chaplin’s movies called The Circus, a lady walks past and she appears to be talking on a cell phone. It seems plausible that there may be a different explanation for her behavior–especially when you consider that if you go back in time with a cell phone, it probably wouldn’t be particularly useful before the infrastructure is built to support making calls, but if she is a traveler from the future, who knows what type of amazing device she might be holding.

I’m just glad to see that in the future people aren’t walking around like idiots talking to themselves with invisible earpieces embedded in their ear.

Below is the video of the woman from the movie.

Bridge Opening Photograph

There is an old photo from the re-opening of a bridge in 194 where one of the people looks like they are dressed in a style  that post dates when the photograph was taken. The caption reads: Reopening of the South Fork Bridge after flood in Nov. 1940. 1941

Here is a close up of the man that seems dressed a bit out of his time period.

Time Portal Under Sink

This guy claims he crawled under his sink and just kept going.  He stood up and met himself as an older man.  He shot some video with his phone with “himself” and they both show that they have the same tattoo. Update: I’m told that this is actually an advertisement for mutual funds or retirement planning, so I guess we can’t count this as proof.

If you’ve made it this far, you are probably very interested in time travel. According to this article, it is impossible. However, if we’ve learned anything from history, we should know that you have to be very careful what you say is impossible.


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  1. You’re clearly an idiot for thinking this, also if you’re saying this as a joke, you’re not funny.
    I have no idea why this frustrated me enough to have to come up with a fake emial and write some shit down, but it has

    1. too bad for YOU man; quantum mechanics has already proven that time travel is not only possible, but actually HAS occured and is still occuring. My advice is that you do some research before you type. It is better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt. Its people like you who hinder scientific progress with your inane stupidity.

      1. it’s quite ironic how it’s your inane stupidity that is destroying my faith in human intelligence. There is a reason it’s called QUANTUM mechanics you moron, and whatever it states it has certainly not occurred to the degree that were discussing here, IE nobody has, or will ever travel back in time and get to punch a younger you in the face. As much as i’d like that person to be me.

        in your own words.. “It is better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt” well you sure showed him huh

    2. not only is time travel a reality but we are doing it now the question is can we control the speed and direction that we can travel. oh by the way when we control time the speed of light barrier is meaningless we will have instant travel anywhere

      1. it’s called time travel, the light barrier will still be there and we will just need to find a to travel at a faster speed.either that or travel their and then go back in time when you get there. though that is still pointless as at most distance into space you would die because it takes so long.there would be no point in using the timemachine to travel distaance on earth just in time.

      2. Time is a dimension. We can never control it. And if you think instant travel anywhere is a possibility you are a moron. A “light year” is a unit of time used to describe the length of time it takes light to travel because of vast distances between light sources and our planet. so it would take at least one year at the speed of light to reach an object one light year away, and since there is no possible way to travel faster than light your argument is therefore invalid, and based on absolutely no scientific merit. in fact, you just made it up didn’t you.

        1. Scientists just proved that it is possible to travel faster than the speed of light. Travelling at the speed of light or accelerating through the speed of light is the problem.

        2. there isn’t a way to travel faster than the speed of light as of right now. that doesn’t mean it won’t be possible in the future or isn’t already possible. time and space are the same, time is not linear and could even be cyclical. if wormholes are possible in space and there are such things as alien or alien life forms there is intelligence far beyond ours. just because we can’t travel faster than the speed of light doesn’t mean it’s scientifically impossible. it just means it’s scientifically impossible considering what we as humans know scientifically. remember our species once thought the world was flat and firmly believed it. so scientifically we still don’t know much of anything as a species.

  2. It wasn’t a museum opening but the re-opening of the South Fork Bridge in Canada circa Nov 1940 or 1941. It is available @ the virtual Bralorne Pioneer Museum. At first glance I think he looks out of place because he is casual where the others are not. If anything else, all of this time travel talk lately will make me pay more attention to old photos and film that I see. It’s interesting if not just fun. Thanks for the read.

  3. Closed minded people cannot fathom the fantastic concept of time travel. Theres much more to life than what our simple minds can comprehend. The most brilliant people of our species are those whom others believed to be crazy.

    1. THANK YOU! I truely agree with this. I deal with this on a regular basis.

      So called doctors label me nearly every month as insane, because I refuse to lie to them about what my hobbies and beliefs truely are.

      I not only believe in time-travel and aliens, but I am an alien and have time-travelled. Just because my species was changed like on Doctor Who, it doesn’t mean that I am not in actuality, a 3200 year old TimeLord with amnesia and head trauma.

      1. just lol’ing. The concept of time travel is awesome but with our current technology and what, it is impossible. If you take into account the science behind it, it is still science fiction and will remain so for many years to come. Build an engine that can propel a craft at the speed of light and the mass will become infinite at the speed of light. Travel through a black hole and you will experience an effect like that of a large body of water draining down a pipe as the centre of a black hole is theorised to be the size of an atom. I’m in the process of writting a piece regarding the impossiblity of time travel using light speed and space craft and the amount of information out the is phenominal. There is a 2 part video on physics x on iTunes you can download for free regarding time travel which is interesting. Pretty much, you cannot get funding to support the exploration of time travel because there is very little to offer the real possibility and viability of such an experiment. If you look further, the quantum physics doesn’t support SoL travel as you cannot accelerate a single photon to the speed of light.

  4. I can tell you how a cell phone could work in the past. If you’ve watched Doctor Who, the Doctor has a service that he put on Rose’s cell phone that allowed her to contact her family and recieve calls from anywhen and anywhere almost.

  5. I don’t think that this has much to do with Doctor Who..
    But I do sort of believe in time travel – in other words, I find it absolutely fascinating but at the same time I just cannot get my head around it.
    Anyway, I found this vieo on Youtube that you might like..

    watch it ’till the end.

    1. Interesting. I had seen this a long time ago, but forgot about it.

      I don’t know that the video really strengthens his claims though. It didn’t show anything that seemed out of the ordinary–other than two people with the same tatoo.

  6. Dear Mark Shead.
    I have seen some old movies of some people carrying cellphones, ipads, camcorders but some people we have a dude about the secundary(colateral) effects of the time travelers in the universe that we live of today(?) Because they are creating a little effect in present time.
    should we need to ask that question to DARPA or USAF?

    Thank you.

  7. Dear Nelson Leonel… Huh, what, eh?

    Most of your post confused me a little bit but I am completely baffelled by what you were trying to express when you stated “but some people we have a dude about the secundary(colateral) effects of the time travelers in the universe that we live of today(?)” Can you clarify please?

  8. I recently have travelled back in time and am about to leap forward again at the end of next week.That date will be 18th March 2011 if you want proof of my time travelling abilities contact me as soon as possible,time is just a mere consequence of our life on this planet there is more to come .Just wait and see.

    1. I’d like proof of your time travelling abilities. I’d also be interested in doing a little myself. Can you show me? I don’t know how to contact you.

      1. Stephanie You are travelling through time every second of your first life.The secret is how you travel faster or slower than time in this life and how to manage this art.

  9. Back to the Future was based on a top secret true store of epic biblical proportions. Faster-than-light (also superluminal or FTL) communications refer to the propagation of information faster than the speed of light. FTL and superluminal communications were sent and recieved by Nikola Tesla in secret fashion starting in the 1890s. These confidential looks into time conquered truth, the world and our nations and caused many unique earthquakes to occur. Earthquakes as we know them today were caused to be by Nikola Tesla sending information back in time and hiding the fact that he had sent or recieved information in time. Radioactive material originates in this
    process which THE LORD YOUR GOD SAID BROKE YOUR PLANET. An object in motion tends to stay in motion. An object at rest tends to stay at rest. Did you hear me? Earthquakes, nuclear energy, atomic weapons… even tsunamis are a product of this process.
    “Instead of admitting that he had broken a windshield when the family car was borrowed car the teenager grabs a bat and smashes every windshield on his block.”
    -Biblical Prophet

    1. i’m going to take this post as a joke and marvel at your wit and humour in poking fun at a clearly ridiculous concept. Unless your serious, which for the good of humanity i hope is untrue. Earthquakes caused by Tesla sending telegrams to the past?? Amazing.. i might draft a sitcom.

    2. 100% possible to send info back in-time. Esssoecialy movies and tv shows I Get a lot of transmits on my tv that claim to be from the future

  10. Time Travel is it possible or just a mythe, another one of them age old questions that stirs up many arguments, with people for or against the possibility. Do I believe in time travel? My thoughts are open on this one, I do not believe but I have no 100% proof that it is possible. I do believe there have been and continue to be many experiments on time travel. I have experienced where you go to a place, have never been before….but you stop and think I have been here before and done this before…is this related to time travel? Who knows. Are we able to travle in time through sleep and our dreams, is another good theory to look at. Time travel is placed in the same theory as are we alone in this universe, or are there other beings out there…..well are we?

    1. Erm.. no it’s not. The mere fact that WE are here proves that despite the vast distances in space, the sheer amount of stars and planets make it statistically inevitable that their is life elsewhere, intelligence however, is another matter altogether. The idea of time travel being linked to life elsewhere is ridiculous.

      PS. that feeling your having is called DEJAVU and it’s actually more likely your having a complex partial seizure than time travelling although it could explain why you seem confused.

  11. I’d love to travel back in time. Then I could be in the 90s forever. But what gets me is the whole changine the future thing. I don’t beleive one can alter the future just by doing something in the past. This might be possible if you travel forward in time, but not vise versa.

    1. Imagine if you went back in time and helped Hitler win WW2, the future/present would be changed, would we be aware of the change? probably not (with the exception of the person that has gone back in time)

      Or even something less dramatic as going back in time and putting down the winning lottery numbers, that would have an impact on your life and change your life and those around you hence once again your actions in the past have changed the future/present

      1. Why would anyone help hitler? Ridiculous.. but the point is, we know how that played out. if we were to change the past it could just as easily have ended up that someone took his place, and quite possibly won the war. But this discussion is irrelevant! People seem to forget that it’s far more complex than you think, it can never be possible to travel to the past because you cant reverse the cause effect relationship. it’s called entropy. The same reason you cant un-smash a glass bottle. it’s how the universe works and its sheer perfection. No amount of theorising and contemplation will EVER change that, sorry guys.

    2. According to one theory, each decision point branches into another universe so changing the past doesn’t really change anything that already happened in your future. It merely changes which version of the universe you end up in.

      1. And the theory of infinity (a staple element of mathematics used widely today to explain and round off math equations that govern our view of the universe) states that for our universe to be infinite (which it must be for our maths and physics to make sense) it means that there would have to be an infinite amount of YOU’s re-occuring an infinite amount of times, on an infinite amount of earths right here in this universe. meaning that there would be infinite you’s branching off into an infinite amount of your choices.. either way, we’ll never know.

  12. Of course time travel is possible, (as noted previously) we are doing it every day. The only remaning questions are whether or not the rate and direction of traveling through time can be altered.

    Dr. Hawking feels that wormholes may allow an altered rate and/or direction of travel.

    We all know that everything in the universe is in motion, although relative motion gives the illusion that some things are at rest.

    In addition to being in motion, everything in the universe resonates in three dimensions, and everything also resonates in four dimensions as well.

    Altering the 4th dimension (temporal) resonance will allow and object to move through time at an altered rate.

    I may have said too much already, but consider this as food for thought

    1. unless (temporal) stands for altering the lobe i sadly have to face palm once again and state that TIME IS THE FOURTH DIMENSION AND IT CANNOT BE ALTERED! in fact, the rest of your post was quite coherent, so i’ll assume you were in fact making a joke about having to be lobotomised before this becomes a reality to you.

  13. James Cameron had a time travel in 2154 after he came back he filmed the avatar movie the pandora planet is real James has seen these things o his travel in 2154 i can proof it i have the proof .

  14. There is a second foto of the bridge completion that day in 1940. Its taken from the perspective of about 20 cars back. This foto is actually right up front so the time traveller has a really good view of the bridge opening. Anyway, the second foto, taken by a different source altogether, puts that guy squarely in the first foto so it isnt photoshopped. Another thing the second foto shows is just how much taller the time traveller is compared to everyone around him. If you look closely, his wooly hoody has a tiny zipper like todays hoodies would have. I looked into zipper usages in the past and it was said that zippers were introduced fashionably in a fashion show in france in 1937. Ok, so technically, he “could” have a zippered hoody but this is rural canada not the big city, high fashion french frontier. They tried to say that his shirt is an embroidered college emblem. Does that M look like its raised or layered to you? Also, in order to do that, the shirt would hafta be a thick sweatshirt of some type. That, also, doesnt appear to be so. That M does look like the Michigan state M, though. This being 1940, even a dressed down man would have had a standard white undershirt or “wife beater” and a buttoned up shirt over that. (tie optional). We look at him and say, “well, hes a slacker, maybe a stoner or hes just some cool guy”. But any rebellious element looking to stand out using their clothing to show their counterculture influence would not have looked like this man. Remember, the year before this was 1939. That was the depression era. Even the bums who lived in shantytowns dressed up more than this guy. Anyone dressed like this guy would be scorned and ridiculed in 1940, especially at such a public event. The fact that a bridge opening is a big deal in the middle of no where canada means that, for the moment, hes being ignored. Theres also a young girl whos looking real hard at him, or to be more precise, his device that hes holding in his hands. It has been said that the innocents and wonder of youth allow them to see things that we adults really just cant see anymore. We rationalize things away but children see things for what they are and this young girl is no different. I’ll bet she probably said something like this, “Mommy, mommy look at that strange man! He has a weird looking camera, too.” Her parents likely shushed her so they could continue paying attention to the ceremony. Look what happens to Marty McFly when he goes to the past. His strange clothing is a big deal. In the 3rd movie, they were even gonna hang him for looking like a “chinaman” or because he was in the circus or something. Today, we’ve learned to ignore the outrageous, but before the age of lawsuits, everyone got in your business all the time. Well i have lots more to say but i gotta go for a bit.

    1. This is without doubt the biggest pile of horse manure i have ever had the misfortune of reading. you sir are a moron and deserve to be ridiculed. It’s a friggin picture and you have clearly wasted far too much time looking at it. Even to the point where you have rationalised it by creating an elaborate story behind how such a picture could take place. if this was really evidence there would be no doubt as to it’s meaning, origins and proof of time travel. THATS WHY IT’S CALLED EVIDENCE.

  15. Id like to make a correction. In back to the future 3, the old man at the table in the bar says, ” It looks like he got the shirt off a dead chinese”. They didnt say “chinaman” and im sorry if I offended anyone out there by saying that. I like asian people.

  16. I wonder what a time traveller would be so interested in the opening of a bridge for? He certainly does look out of place, and the “camera” he seems to be holding does look a little modern (Im a photographer). What strikes me the most is his hairstyle…..not to mention that he is a little unshaven.

    Jeremy who made the coment before me is quite observant about the young lady taking notice of him…….no one else is.

  17. The problem with time travel is paradox. Anything can seem possible but there are many things to consider. Travelling through time will need precision. You cannot expect to travel 100 years into the future without exact calculation of where you will end up. You cannot shoot forward 100 years and expect to ‘land’ in the exact same place from which you left because the earth moves and revolves and according to the laws, falling through the universe also. So, you would have to calculate the exact position of the earth for your arrival or else you would end up in the sea, a desert or even space. You must also the account for the missing time of the past 100 years and the effect it would have on your being. The same goes for travelling to the past, calculations and so on. As time is continuous, then you must account for the ‘forward’ time lost whilst in the past. I don’t want to debunk the fantasy of time travel, but I do want to consider the extreme diffculty of it. Teleportation along a time constant is far more likely than time travel. Lets see what the future holds for us.

      1. The same concept still applies though, your calculations would have to be exact and confident with your predictions of obstacles. Even in a ‘space-ship’ you would still have to account for disorientation and obstacles. The universe is constantly moving and changing, you can not expect to leave an empty area of space and assume that the same space or destination will be obstacle free or there. Whilst you could make assumative predictions on objects positions in the past, there are still the plethora of paradoxes to consider. For time travel consider this – You go back in time and prevent your grandfather from meeting you grandmother, how can you exist; You go forward one minute in time, open a worm hole to the past and shoot yourself. Can you continue to live? Did you really pull the trigger? Would that moment cause a cycling, feedbacking moment in the time contiuum that could potentialy cause a ripling effect through the continuum? How can you account for the ‘missing’ time when traveling forward, it becomes unaccounted for and how can you travel forward skipping a period of time that hasn’t yet existed.

        1. Given the vastness of space, there is a very low risk that you’ll end up inside a solid object. However, if you look at the theories of time travel, most of them involve starting the machine at the point you want to return to–so you know where you are going to come out ahead of time. Traveling forward isn’t really a problem because we all do that anyway–it is just a matter of slowing your own clock down–something that relativity allows.

          Regarding paradoxes: It is absurd to say that time travel is impossible because of possible paradoxes given how many paradoxes we observe when it comes to quantum physics.

      2. FINALLY! a point about space/time travel that isn’t being based on an episode of doctor who.

  18. I don’t know about you, but I noticed that the guy in the picture is the only one wearing sunglasses. I don’t know when or where it was invented, but I don’t think it was normal in the 1940’s. And they probably wouldn’t look like our sunglasses, as the style changes. And also as mentioned earlier, His hairstyle is far from the normal hairstyles in this era.

  19. Youre Bridge admireing time traveller is nothing of the sort.He’s a ‘beatnick’.An early example of ‘alternative lifestyle’ pre the 60’s cultural revolution.The Jumper is just an old college one,probally predates the photo by a decade in design.Sunnys?,no,they are industrial googles (note the side protection) for welding.Again probally predates the photo.The mobile phone one has been proved false as well.Seriously if that ‘was’ a mobile,I wonder who was providing the network?.

    1. Finally an argument based on logic and not science fiction or doctor who. Thank you for reviving my faith in the human race

  20. Intersting Mark. Lets say we shoot off at the speed of light (apparently the approximate speed required by some to travel through time) from earth and travel for 8 minutes, approximately the distance between the earth and the sun, then we turn around and come home. Have we traveled through time? No, we have just traveled a massive distance in a very short period of time, lets say 16 minutes. So, if you leave at 1:00 you will return at 1:16 and travelled a total of approximately 300 million km. But, we also face the problem that once we reach the speed of light our mass becomes infinite according to Einstein. We are talking major speed here, and navigating a path through space where there would be no gravitational disturbance to achieve the speed of light would be near impossible in itself. Remember, as we run away from a clock time appears to slow down and as we run towards the clock, time appears to speed up, so by leaving and returning to the same place you are both running away from and running back to the clock thereby balancing out the time spent travelling. Have you read the recent report on single photon acceleration? A team of Chinese scientist tried to accelerate a single photon to the speed of light and they couldn’t accelerate the photon that fast. Their conclusion from the experiment was that time travel is impossible. Either way, back or forth, time travel is impossible and the Chronology Protection Conjecture will not allow for time travel to be permissable. Regardless of time travel being possible or not, we must understand either way why it is or isn’t possible and I dare say that it will be like religion vs science and debated by faculties for decades to come.

    1. You can travel forward in time relative to people on earth by just revolving around the earth quickly. This guy holds the record having traveled forward in time about 1/48th of a second relative to the people on earth.

      But, as you correctly point out, there are many many obstacles to time travel being used for anything useful.

      1. You’re an interesting thinker Mark. I’d be more inclined towards parallels as opposed to time travel in any from. It would surely explain my missing socks and I am certain there is a wormhole in my washing machine. Jokes aside, I think a parallels make considerable sense. But crossing over via black holes is unviable from what I have read so far as the openings are apparently the size of an atom. Dream scapes could offer pathways into our alternate self for brief periods of time as opposed to our unconcious self. Ever had one of those dreams you really remember? that made you feel so good or so bad, where you met up for tea with a long lost love and had a conversation or where you did something so amazing and it just seemed to make so much sense? I’d choose parallels over time travel any day of the week unless it was a free copy of back to the future, who doesn’t love that movie. At the end of the day, I’d love to know the workings of the universe but we are just reciting and rehashing on classical theories. We need to have a knowledge revolution and question the classical instead of rehashing.

  21. Time travel – Ahh one of the ancient mysteries of man, true or false, well an educated guess tells me that you can surf the past with no interaction and hack the future, you see even if you interfere for just one minute of the past of your own life you may miss a bus or even just an add on tv that made you do something else and so the spiral continues out on the new path and leaves you not discovering the time travel that got you there, so surfing for information is ok, now the future or at least youre future has not happened yet so you can hack the future, by getting the information and using it, you can’t release the information as such as then it will likely not occur. eg you see ten people die in a bus crash, you pretend to by psyschic and tell the world and of course the bus driver is more carfeul and it does not occur and you look stupid, so though you can prvent or interfere with the future or benefiot from bets and so on, it too has limitations. Massive amounts of power reuired and smashing atoms etc i am also taking an eductated guess and saying that this is not the case, in fact the opposite, anyway no point posting any reasonable theory on the net, after all who would want the governmet to end up with it? Anyway to my friend looking for the 3rd key page, the non copper loops, the horizontal water mirror attached to the loops to create the field, hoping you find it.

  22. And there in lies the problem!

    In my humble opinion, ‘The Eskimo’ has made the most pertinent observation of all the comments.

    When you have lived in ‘the future’, and then re-visit ‘the past’, you do know what will occur, you do know those things that will happen, from that point in what is essentially your past, because you have seen them happen. The dilemma is exactly as Eskimo says, no matter how much you want to, warning people of impending disaster or precarious situations is extremely difficult if not practically inconsequential, simply through the warning process itself.
    On informing people that an event will occur, and in particular if insisting on it, and people respond to that warning, you will alter the outcome… therefore, no one will see the event as you predicted it, consequently, most people will no longer take any serious notice of subsequent advice you give. In fact the opposite is likely to occur, you will be ridiculed for your inaccuracy. So the course becomes one of abstinence… even total silence.
    The reality is that no matter how you may wish it, generally you cannot change an Event from occurring, you can only change the outcome by the navigational path you take through the event.
    As a quick example; If you were walking toward an intersection, and a person on the opposite diagonal corner, could see a large truck hurtling out of control toward the intersection, (the event) and yelled to you that it was coming, knowing you are blinded by it due to the large building on your corner obstructing your view, you then have variable choices to ‘navigate’ that event. You cannot stop the truck from speeding through the red light intersection (the event from happening). However, you can choose to stop right where you are and allow the event to happen purely as a disconnected observer. You could choose to peek around the corner carefully and you may feel the wind as the truck rushes by or you may be hit in the face by a flying stone, etcetera. You may choose to make a run for it across the road before the truck reaches the intersection… the outcome here in itself has several variables. You may choose to ignore the warning, and assume it a joke, and continue on your planned path. There are multiple navigational paths for such an event… how you navigate through an event will determine ‘your’ outcome. How multiple people or all people involved choose to navigate an event will determine the ‘whole’ outcome.

    People who have lived in or through what we here today classify as ‘the future’ may choose to enter a moment in time (Placement in Time) that we classify as the present, in order to convey a message about a coming event, with the intention of altering the known outcome of that event. If successful, this will not change our future, as we only see our future as it occurs and not only is it the only future we know, but to us it is always our present. However, it will change the future of the person who lives in the moment we perceive as ‘the future’, for they have already lived through one outcome and now their present is changed.

    The problem a person might have who has lived in our perceived future, in trying to change the outcome of events that may have a detrimental effect on us, that will occur in our perceived future and their perceived past, may lie purely in our reluctance to believe such person could exist. Therefore, our acceptance of any such warning or suggestion falls on mixed ears, and the desired outcome of the messenger may never occur. This only serves to discredit the messenger further. It is a dilemma of great struggle and frustration… to know what will occur and have no power to change the outcome.

    You are all so eager to dive into ‘Time Travel’ yet none of you seem to recognize the agonizing and frustrating burden of such a process. Also you might like to change the phrase… it isn’t ‘Time Travel’… it’s ‘Time Placement’, there is no travel involved in the sense of space and distance. There is no reality of ‘Time’ in a linear sense, it is a dimension of singular existence… it is purely a matter of the placement within that singular existence you are, or wish to be, that puts you in what is classified as ‘a moment in time’.
    Travel is something that is traversed through space and distance… it is possible to incorporate travel through space and distance into the re-placement of time, and that is something humanity will accomplish. But certainly not in the placement of time we consider the present, nor the near future. In fact that will not occur until what we would consider now as the year 3335… however, in that time placement, that particular calender system is no longer in use… but I’ll let ‘time’ tell that tale!

  23. I see what you did Art. your definition of time travel is well thought out, but you could also argue that there is a ‘distance’ between time point A and time point B. We can get all wishy washy on the details if we want but then we end up with a long winded and repeatative string of words. Time travel or Time placement, which ever floats your boat, is impossible for many reasons. Mike Marcum, for example, calims to have built a Jacobs Ladder that developed a ‘strange’ heat signature that he threw screws through that were dropping moments later in another part of the room, so after this discovery, he decided to up-scale his Jacobs Ladder and apparently got the same strange heat signature and decided to jump through it. Now, were talking mega wattage, don’t you think he would have ended up a crispy critter, strange heat signature or not? Next we have neutrinos, approximately 8km/s faster than light, but both humans and spaceships aren’t neutrinos and I’d dare to say accelerating a space craft or human at the speed of a neutrino isn’t going to happen because the human body cannot withstand much more than 9 g (with training and a g-suit) for a prolonged period of time and the maximum amount of G-force experienced was peaked at 46 g for 1.1 seconds. We also have that crazy dutch guy who crawled through his kitchen sink cupboard into a worm-hole and met his futre self. Whilst worm-holes are theorised to exist, they exist on a quantum level and have little effect on our macro existence. Blackholes theoretically have a centre the size of an atom, using a blackhole for time travel would crush the individual due to the immense gravitational effect of said blackhole. The object would squashed into a single strand of atomic ribbon. Last, you can’t use a Delorian either, because Doc most likely never patented it and it is probably hidden in a bunker somewhere in the arizona desert where no one will ever find it.

    1. Wrong. Even though we’ll never know how close, you’d be dead long before you got anywhere near a black hole and no one knows whats at the centre, because we dont understand them enough. Neutrino’s are 60 BILLIONTHS of a second faster than light at the most, not 8km/s assuming it’s not an error which we still don’t know, and in a craft/spaceship there would be no G force at any speed because, well you’d have to travel in circles. What you experience there is centrifugal force, from being thrust to the arc of a circular motion.. You yourself are travelling at hundreds of miles a second in the very same circle as i’m typing this, feel any G’s? didn’t think so, could be because the arc is bigger and relative to us the motion and distance is unnoticeable because of the sheer distance travelled and size of the planet relative to us. Do some research

      1. Chris, you seem to have nothing but negativity to post, i’ve read your posts and am curious as to your qualification to validate anyone else’s opinions. We are infact experiencing gravitational force at rest, walking, driving our cars, what ever, without G-force we would all be floating around the surface of the earth. The maths for the nutrino worked out to be 8km/s faster than the photon, you’re just splitting hairs. To be in a space craft that is thrusting through space you would feel the effect of gravitational force, like when you push the accelerator hard in your car and are thrown back into your seat, to exceed and sustain thrust untill a specific speed would be a curious situation based on the figures of my previous comment.
        Simply stating that we’d be dead before we got close enough to a black hole because we don’t understand them enough is a lack lustre response that debunks nothing.
        I’d suggest you research a little further before you make yourself look like a cynical knob, right now you seem like someone who has watched a few episodes of star trek, the original star wars, a few national geographic and discovery science documentaries, a few 3 minute youtube clips about time travel and a couple of wiki pages and have decided that you are an instant expert on the topic of time travel, maths and physics.
        I am certain we are all waitting with baited breath for your book on time travel to be published once your mail order phd comes to validate you.

  24. There can be no doubt about it that these three proof establish that time travel is not only possible, but that it has happened.

    After all, everybody knows that someone on Wall Street would NEVER make foolish and ill-considered stock trades!

  25. A most interesting subject, yes the photo is unusual as the individual is dressed differentally than the other males in the photo, he is also wearing sun glasses that are rather unusual, has anyone seen the negative of this photo ? I once heard of a storey of an individual found wandering in New York City and was hit and killed by a car sometime in the 1950’s who was dressed in the style of the 1880’s ! The article was in one of the magazines I believe Saturday Evening Post ! Maybe people can and do pass thru black holes and time travel .

    1. ORRRRRR maybe he was just in period dress.. it’s probably more likely dont’cha think? i hope my condescension is painfully evident in pointing out that only a complete moron would jump to time travel to explain the fact that someone was dressed like they were from another time. OH SHIT! I JUST SAW COWBOYS AND ALIENS I DIDNT KNOW THEY HAD CAMERAS AND JOHNNY CRAIG BACK THEN! IT MUST BE EVIDENCE OF TIME TRAVELZZ! or not.. moron.

      PS. A black hole is a large gravitational mass that suck’s in anything and everything it encounters. Not unlike your stupidity. And they live in space my dear, the place above the clouds that isn’t heaven.

      PPS. Looking at the negative would just show you the same picture… but negative. were not talking about ghosts.. honestly, i’m starting to over use the word moron here.

  26. Time travel is true. I just got back from the past, I accidently changed a couple things now that I’m back it’s not too great. My wife is twice the size she used to be, has a alcohol problem, I work at Dairy Queen and I drive a Gremlin still! I had that car in the 80s! I used to drive a 2010 Chevy Silverado and my wife was hot before I left…this sucks! Help

  27. Timetravel has been going on for sometime however it will not be done for another 137yrs CERN almost do it later this year but mess up. Thanks to them an there big bang games they tear a hole in the fabric of time not to meantion the worm hole that they will close but not with out a great cost to mankind. Not all the photos are proof but in two of the photos they are from a future just not earths. There are a number of Tempus Viator on this planet however you would never know. They are all here for a reson and no none of it bad. The Tempus Fugit programme was set up sorry will be set up in about 149yrs 2161. It is not of earth so those of you who think it will be in your life time sorry no can do. I know of 8 Tempus Viators that came here between 1964-1978 after that something happened and nomore have come and of those 8 only 3 remain. It is thought that the programme got damaged on the last Tempus Fugit. Oh by the way if you think this is just the ravings of a madman please check mankinds so called breakthroughs in the world of computers. In the past 15yrs you have gone massive desktop bulky labtops to tablets and handhelds that have more power than what was used to first send mankind in to space.

  28. Let stay on subject, Is time travel possible? Has it happened? No paradox, no moral implications, is it possible???

    1. I’ve been contemplating the possibility for a while now and depending on how you go about travelling through time, I seriously doubt it. If you want to take a logical approach to the question ‘is time travel possible?’ you could look at the movement of the Earth through the universe and realise that our solar system is not a stationary plate in space. We spiral through the universe orbiting the Milky Way as it spirals through the vastness, but from what direction and where did we start spiraling. To pin point a particular time/date/position in the past would be impossible without first having some reference to start out with of where and when the Earth was at particular points. To travel in to the future you would need the same type of information, yet you would need to be able to predict, but as you travel you would be creating an event therefore not trully travelling to the future. However, if you were to assume that we are nothing more than information in the form of data and you could project and retrive the data in all directions of time then we could see short term time travel as a possibility. Keep in mind though that we only remember the past never the future, we can plan for the future but we have no control over what happens between the setting of the date and the actual event and once and event has happened we can’t go back and change the event and keep changing the event so as to create the desired outcome. I guess, all in all we are traveling along the arrow of time relative to the rest of the universe and regardless of what means you try, you will always be traveling relative to everything else.

  29. I’ve had dreams and flashbacks for a few years of something I thought either made me crazy or was some weird past life, but ended up actually going into the past for around two and a half years and returned to find I’d been gone no more than a few hours. I have a lot of information on what happened to me and can describe the sensation as well as everything I saw, heard and did, but not why or how it happened. I don’t know anything about the time/space paradox science stuff having to do with this phenomenon and I feel like I can’t tell anyone I personally know without sounding like a loony. If there is anyone who has actually went backwards or forwards in time and is not a crazy person (and I know I sound crazy as well, but please believe me when I say I had no notions about this sort of thing before, and I’m not the type who believes in UFO’s or any other weird stuff) PLEASE contact me if you really do have answers; I don’t want to go blabbing this all over and either get into trouble or people to think I’m nuts.

    1. You are nuts! no body has time travelled.. What you experienced can adequately be explained by the fact that you fell asleep and had a fucking dream. Trust me, i’m not denying you actually had this experience.. but does it not seem more logical that you had a rather intense lucid dream ( in which time is commonly known to move slower ) and just jumped to a rather stupid conclusion? it’s like saying oh shit my morning paper is missing it must be A MASSIVE GLOBAL CONSPIRACY ABOUT TIME TRAVEL! oh no wait.. your paperboy just threw it in the bushes and you find it 2 months later when some guy on the internet points out what a fucking idiot you are.

  30. Consider many things….. there is one theory that you can’t travel to the past but to dimensions that are close to ours but split into a different timeline. Also consider that Time Travel may not be possible beyond a certain point or without first setting up some sort of device or relay point in the era you wish to visit. With all that being said without trying to make a pun… it may just be a matter of time.

  31. Okay, i’m only on this website because i have insomnia and boredom set in at 7.51 am. As much as i love my science fiction which includes any and all concepts of time travel i am afraid that it IS just that. FICTION.
    Firstly, the fact that quantum mechanics allegedly states that time travel is theoretically possible (which i think your misinterpreting) does not mean that it is in fact possible. The only method of time travel even remotely plausible is related to speed travelled over a distance or the effect that approaching the speed of light would have on our perception of time BECAUSE of it’s speed, compared to someones experience of time on earth, and we are no where near that point technologically, and regarding backwards time travel? IT WILL NEVER BE WITHIN OUR CAPABILITY TO BEND THE UNIVERSE! We would firstly ALREADY have had to have created the technology in order to go backwards because you cannot time travel backwards in time until it has! No one can possibly have time travelled back to any point in the past, at least until we find a source of free energy assuming that it would even provide the almost universal amount of energy it would require to fold space time in on it’s self. which we obviously haven’t yet. Weather it’s theoretically possible or not, the time we would NEED to be in, both economically and technologically has not arrived yet. And; if some of you are thinking.. “yeah but one day in the future they might create it and come back from then ner ner ner ner” Bullshit. it would need to have happened first and it hasn’t. Oh, and on a separate note, are you honestly saying that of all things you’d do, some one went back to ancient china and put an incredibly small wristwatch in a sarcophagus? just to be like.. in 400 years time someone’s gonna shit a brick! Plus, If we were at all capable, just by our very nature we would wind up destroying the universe.. for fucks sake, i think nuclear technology is the way forward and people are still reeling over Chernobyl, and weather or not we should even use it INCASE someone builds a bomb, not to mention the political unrest and religious ramifications.. Trust me. If it were at all possible, we’d have already have destroyed the world as we know it by now and by your logic, since it makes no difference WHEN this happens, i’d say that was a pretty good argument against the notion of backwards time travel. You are right on one thing though, time travel IS happening right now. Your just too thick to see that your wasting it sat researching what is clearly bollocks.

  32. Ha Ha Chris, you’re a passionate person on this topic. You’re right, perpetual energy is far to weak to create enough force or energy or whatever to create a constant capable of much more than lighting a light bulb or two let alone sufficent for any kind of space or time travel. I think we’ve all had that dream of going back to the past, another dimension, whatever and wondered if we have travelled through time, if you were to video tape yourself every time you went to bed, I’d dare say you stayed in your bed and had one hell of a dream, HELL! I can fly in some of my dreams, it doesn’t mean I can fly when I’m awake. People have the ability to choose their own adventure though and who is anyone to cast doubt on what another might believe? One can offer an opinion on their belief as to why or why not something is possible, unfortunatelly many of us are aggressive in the way we present our argument. Take religion for example some are aggressive, some are passive aggressive and some are happy to let you believe what you believe. Einstein’s theory of relativity is being questioned as we speak. What happens when we twist dimensional vectors? We can be pig headed in our opinions and offer no validation to the remarks of others or we can accept what they believe and work out how and how not their ideas could work.

  33. From the article, it’s not unusual that some knew well ahead of time virtually due to their access to inside info that Wall Street was about to crash in the spring of ’08’. Lehman Bros. and Goldman Sachs deny it but how else do we explain that they and others in that camp hedged bets against the loans and mortgage backed securities they themselves issued unless they all knew damn good and well what was about to happen and sought any way possible to capitalize on the inevitable.
    Further none seem to pick up on the most problematic aspects of the time travel concept. Factors that have little to do with math formulas but more base fundamentals of human interaction and perception alone.
    The first key is in arriving at an accurate estimation of the experience we know as current, “passing time” in the present continuous fluid-moment, as to how we witness it on a daily basis. This is the place to begin, looking at what, “time” as it passes in the here and now really amounts to. The detailed facts encompassing the conscious experience and what amounts to each of our particular perceptions of passing events as they occur in our lives determines what the effect of passing time really amounts to for all human beings. A simple accounting of what’s really involved quickly shows that the notion of time travel makes for little but a fascinating venture into the imagination. Passing time is not comparable to a documented universally all-encompassing and ongoing movie or video that we can go back and insert ourselve’s into a particular time frame in the past (or even future), effectively making this moment the equivalent constant of every moment in the past and future. “Time” is a human derived measure of passing reality or the conscious experience of events as they move forward, and not really attachable or attributable in any way to the actual passing of universal, “reality” in the fluid-moment. Along with our realm of free will there is no direct connection between every independently perceived human interaction and thought as they occur continuously in the here and now for instance, and some all-encompassing attachable link to what could be best defined by us as ‘universal reality’ in progress that a time travel technology would require. On another front that’s related, there is no scientifically plausible way to make any tie-in involving some super advanced Large Hadron Collider-level technology employing an unimaginatively short-sequence digital (on/off signal) based measuring potential to connect with what amounts to our constant-wave based ‘analog reality’ all around us. The technological breakthrough in time travel would at the least be digitally based or so interfaced with the system sufficiently as to make a functional connection with our real life continuous analog based reality through that technology virtually impossible. Can’t make it work if you can’t initially select and accurately dial digitally into an undeterminable analog based fluid-moment constant as it’s happening in the past (that’s also the now and future). In addition every infinitesimal detail playing out exactly the same from the past ‘current’ reality, including one being independent to use their own free will in the midst of said former reality that already happened long ago is flat impossible for obvious reasons.
    In a nutshell these themes don’t encompass more than a rudimentary Sci-Fi depiction of what would be required to make this present moment accessible or somehow connected directly to every moment that ever happened before or will happen, constantly. The more one considers what’s involved and attempts to work it out logically, where one could possibly appear in or be able to somehow remotely observe a former ‘current-fluid-moment’ in history (much less being able to interact and instantaneously so affect history, the immediate now and the future all at once), the more the theme of time travel becomes scientifically embarrassing to engage in with any seriousness. Even attempting to delve into describing the connective logic here forces defining conflicting impossibilities that make no sense as a result and seem to discredit the argument. Besides, if time travel were possible at some point, certainly from earliest civilization we would have already been visited upon through history from advanced humans in the distant future. And the level of human technological and social advancement as a result would certainly be quite different than what we know today. It’s not very likely such could or would be somehow kept a guarded secret for thousands of years and the like. History or the future exists strictly on record, in our memories or in our plans and dreams in our minds alone, and not as some potential breakthrough we can physically experience in real life. It may sound brash, but in effect the idea of anytime but the present progressively advancing moment is ‘dead’ to any existence or potential. It’s amazing how much energy and financial commitment from some very bright minds is being wasted on seriously attempting to find some way to make time travel a reality or proving it’s possible. How so many who are so very smart can be so clueless of what ought be amongst the most elementary of observations and logical considerations regarding the fundamental basics about the current forward moving reality that we all experience 24/7/365 is beyond me.

  34. Recall the the concept of time travel would be universal, meaning that the current time, here and now, in fact already happened before and is then ‘current’ future’s history as well. So the idea that the time machine or technology having not been developed yet explaining why we haven’t already had future time travels before is off. In true wholistic time travel speak, that future date of time travel development or invention has already occured anyway in the future. So these ‘time tourists’ still would have long been visiting humanity throughout history regardless. Time travel would mean, “now” is only a deceptive perception that doesn’t really exist because it’s already happened thousands of times before, over and over and free will is an illusion. I’m only skimming the surface here as to just how senslessly impossible the concept of time travel is.

    1. Actually some of the theories of time travel say that you could go back, but only to the point where you started the time machine. This is the type of time travel that was used in the movie Primer.

  35. Time Travelling is not only real but it is an everyday occurrence for me. Some nights I will be sitting there with a drink in my hand and BAM!!!! I wake up not only to find that I just passed out like a drunken idiot but that I went out and did things. Now, some people might call this blacking out from too much drinking but we all know that’s not true. I basically time travel into the future with the power of alcohol. ;-)

  36. I have heard about time travel devices that can only take you back to the time when it was actively running.

    I heard it on Fox news if I’m not mistaken. But this would be a prototype has not been proven to work, or atoeast it has not been disclosed to the public to be an actual time travel machine, for security reasons.

    Which brings me to my second point:
    Do you actually think our government or leaders would expose this our public. Just by reading these posts, I can see how this topic can drive a person mad. Time travel could easily be our apocolypse

  37. An interesting and well though comment Steve. Time travel is much like science v. religion there are those who believe it, those who don’t believe it and those who are sitting on the fence in both camps waitting for it to become 100% bonafide fact or fiction. As long as there are faculties out there researching the possibility of time travel it will be a topic of plausable consideration. The thought of manipulating light to send data back and forth through time is the most recent theory I have come across, but then the flaw is how do you know to expect the data comming from the future and the past? where will the data end up? Who knows either way?

  38. Greetings, sorry to have missed you all am now back in 2799, or is that forward for you guys ! you should see the internet in the future well done on picking up the bridge opening photo that was a real hum dinger !

  39. Hi my name is frank. I have a working time machine… Time travel is verry possible. I can speed time up slow it down and put it in a loop but going completely backwards to another date hasn’t proved possible. I will be more than happy to demonstrate how it works too a well known physicist or somebody who has the know how of to measure time over distance while I’m a machine that can change the mechanics of a second. I did not build this machine it was givin too me by the heavens
    My cell is 407 765 1677 if you wanna be that scientist that changes the world

  40. Lol.. The swedish video of the guy that met a older versjon off him self, is a swedish commercial :)) for pension insurance or something.

    Some people belive Everything they see, without thinking or checking.

    1. I said it is an advertisement for mutual funds in the text…and if you haven’t figured out, I’m pretty skeptical that any of these could be considered “proof”.

  41. wowzers. mark shed know how the piss the scientific community off ROYALLY! Over something as theoretical as TIME TRAVEL. I cannot even offend republican politicians when I email them Save the Whales articles. In fact, they actually THANK me just for taking the time to actually send them any email at all. This dude is my hero.

  42. to time travel u need to bend the universe as the time line streches through the universe and if we are time traveling we will be ripping and destroying the universe so if we keep on time travelin we will destroy are world

  43. OK…The discussion re the photo at the bridge opening. The camera is a Box Brownie- common ,cheap and popular in those times. The fashion looks “out of date” because “fashion” as we know it, is REPEATED over and over. There is clearly evidence of that today when we see young people wearing clothing and styles we wore in the 60’s and 70’s. They’re not time travelers are they?

    Having said this, I feel it is both ignorant and arrogant to state categorically, that time travel is impossible. In the early 1900’s scientists postulated that if we travelled faster than 35 mph, the G-force would kill us. It was also impossible to build a rocket to the moon or have a ray-gun. In the 1960s a “warp drive” was proposed in STAR TREK. Science told us it would never happen. Right NOW, NASA is working on it. A computer in the 1930’s covered a whole city block and required large refrigerators to cool it. ENIAC had the power of a calculator we can now fit inside a biro or watch. The “super-computers” of yesteryear, now reside in our cell phones.

    No one is saying it’s mandatory to BELIEVE in the possibilities….just keep an open mind and an eye on the future.

    1. The concept is one that consumes both the for-sters and against-ers and we could spend our every breath arguing the topic. The spaceship in Futurama works on the principle that the universe moves around the Planet Express ship, will we be referencing that later on in a serious argument? What if we traveled to the deep realms of space and collected time chromatons?
      The theories and hope that allow for the possibility to do something aren’t evidence or proof that it can be done.
      The fact that it hasn’t been done doesn’t prove that it can’t be done.
      The straight forward, level headed approach is one that, time travel might be possible but it most probably is impossible.
      If you attempted to get a research grant to fund a study into time travel you would most likely be given a dummy cheque made of rubber because of the high improbability of successfully proving that time travel is possible in the way it is presented by hollywood.

  44. slightly ahead of ours.Then back again to ours. then the time dilation would allow us to experience the future. At least temporally! Until the temporal arrow readjusted to our universe’s time.But we may forget it happen as our brains would suppress the event until the events witnessed reoccurs.In which case we may experience a deja vu feeling; but not fully comprehend. What had just happen.
    But traveling into the past .Would become part of our memory as we go since it the travels .would now be part of our experience. And would be accepted by our universe as we we know’s; collective reality!

  45. Someone explain this to me… I have two torches, and place them back to back, and switch them on. The light from them goes in opposite directions at the speed of light, but relative to one another, the photons in each beam must be travelling apart at twice the speed of light, but we are told that the speed of light cannot be exceeded. Using the same logic, if two spaceships went away from one another at say three quarters of the speed of light, they would be moving apart at one and a half light speed… So in relative terms surely it must be possible to exceed the speed of light between two moving objects or sets of photons ? Similarly two spaceships heading for one another, each at 3/4 light speed, have a closing speed of one and a half times light speed. Where am I going wrong ?

  46. The bridge opening photo is photoshopped. The man would be stepping on the toes of the guy beside him. You can tell he was crammed in the picture.

  47. CHRIS

    Time is NOT a “dimension” as you so intelligently put it. Time is a construct of man’s inability to cope with the measurement of the periods of the earth’s rotation around the sun and consequent actions. The mere notion of time does not exist but in our minds and we CALL it a dimension in order to give it a function. “Quantum” means a small discrete amount of any given energy or “particle”. It is a scale upon which we derive formulas and theories to suit our physical environment.
    Time travel as such, has been proven to be possible and scientists and theorists who are vastly more intelligent than you or I, are working on these possibilities as we speak. Please do not put down others for their theories as they are just as entitled to them as you are to yours but don’t claim it as fact. I have learnt that NOTHING is impossible.

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