New Sun Java Programmer Test for 1.5

The new certification test for Java 1.5 (or Java 5 or Tiger) is going to be coming out as a beta soon. According to Kathy Sierra’s weblog the new test is going to avoid the complicated “puzzle” type problems and concentrate more on your ability to accomplish specific objectives with Java code. It sounds like they are using a new type of test question that lets you drag and drop code (kind of like magnetic poetry) to make the code work or behave in a specific way.

The test is also going to cover some of the new features in the Java language like generics and autoboxing and spend more time on collections. lists some details about the exam. The beta version has 138 questions and gives you up to 4 hours to complete it. You can register for the beta exam at Prometric’s website for $49.

If you want to take the test a a discounted price, this might be a very good way to do it.


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