Nexus S 4G and Google Apps

I recently switched phones to the Nexus S 4G. (Take a look at my detailed Nexus S Review.) I’ve been pretty impressed with how well the Nexus S integrates with Google Apps.  I suppose this is expected because it is a Google phone, but experience tells me that just because a company makes a device doesn’t mean it will work well with their software and services.

Google apps has really gown into a nice business package. Here are a few things that impressed me when I was setting up the Nexus S 4G.

  • You can define security policies for Android devices so they can be managed centrally.  For example, you can make the Nexus S require a password or not.
  • You can remotely ring your Nexus S 4G at full volume using the web interface–regardless of what the volume is set on.
  • You can find the device on a map.
  • You can lock the Nexus S 4G remotely.  For example, if you lose it, you can lock it so it will require a pin to log back in.
  • The Nexus S 4G can be wiped remotely.  So if you lose your phone, you can delete everything on it by logging into Google Apps
  • It appears that most of the Nexus S 4G settings are backed up to the Google App servers, so if you do need to wipe your device, you can easily reinstall and set everything back up again once you get it back again.
  • Giving the Nexus S 4G your Google App account will let you connect to most Google services without needing to log back in again.
  • The Nexus S 4G appears to support multiple Google accounts so you can use your business account and a gmail account if you like.


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  1. Nexus S 4g phone and how to remove app on your phone
    Go to Menu: Setting: Applications: Manage applications and remove unstall applications

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