New XBox 360

Microsoft finally gave the world a look at its next generation video game system the Xbox 360 on a special MTV broadcast hosted by Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood.

The new console features a 20-gigabyte hard drive and three 3.2-gigahertz PowerPC microprocessors that will enable high-definition graphics and six-channel surround sound.


It is interesting to see that Microsoft is moving away from Intel in this product. I would have expected them to stay with the processor that the use for most of their Windows operating system. Back in the days of NT 4 there was a port that would let it run on the power PC processor, but it was discountinued.

The Apple Blog is excited about the possibility of installing Tiger on the XBox 360.

The thought that gets me really excited is the hackable possibilities of the XBOX 360 platform. A triple core 3ghz machine for $300 or $400? Heck yes I would. People have already hacked PearPC onto a current XBOX. Why not install Tiger on a native Power PC based system such as the new XBOX 360?


Sounds good in theory, but I have a feeling that it wouldn’t turn out to be all that useful. Yes PearPC can run on the current XBox, but it is more of a cool hacking trick than something useful. The only truly useful hack I’ve seen for the current XBox is the media center software. (But I should note that I don’t follow the gaming industry that closely.)


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  1. To shed some light on this subject, yeah, Xbox 360 looks awesome. I was given the opportunity to play it while at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) this year in May. It was sweet, although I don’t know how much I like the wireless controllers as much as the hard wired ones…

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