Newspaper Sales Pitch

Brett’s story about a kid trying to sell him a newspaper subscription reminded me of this experience:

We were living in Grand Rapids Michigan in a nice neighborhood of the type that the Grand Rapids Press would love to acquire more subscribers.  The phone rang and caller id showed the call was from Arizona. I didn’t know anyone in Arizona at the time, but I answered anyway.

Me: Hello?
Them: Hi, I’m calling people who don’t subscribers to the Grand Rapids Press to see if they would like to start receiving this wonderful newspaper.
Me:  Hm.  Well I don’t know.  Is the paper any good?
Them: Oh yes, it is fabulous.  It is really something you need to get to be informed.
Me: I see.  Tell me, what state are you in?
Them: Arizona
Me: Have you ever read the Grand Rapids Press?
Them: No.
Me: Then how do you know it is any good?
Them: Well I’ve heard about how wonderful it is from the people I call on the phone.
Me: Didn’t you just say that you were calling people who aren’t subscribers?
Them: Yes.  Thats right.
Me: Then how would they know if the paper was any good?
Them: Ummm…

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