Tapestry 5 Links

I’ve been getting back into Tapestry and wanted to compile a list of the links that have been useful to me.

Mailing Lists


Wooki is a project written in Tapestry that lets you collaboratively create online books. The full source is available and it makes for a great reference to see how how things are were setup and configured. The authors have also created some modules for installing tapestry applications, managing database migrations and more. Spread The Source is the blog associated with the project and offers Tapestry code and news.

Tapestry Hotel Booking

The authors of wooki are working on a reference application using Tapestry that will recreate the Seam reference application. They are also writing an online book detailing how it was created. The app will be a hotel booking program and the code is available.

Component Demos

  • Tapestry5Demo
  • Jumpstart – Demonstrates how to do various things and also can be used to “jumpstart” a Tapestry project by providing a working app with basic user management and security.
  • Appspot Component Test – A Google App Engine deployed version of the test app1 that is part of Tapestry core.

Startup Apps

These are some applications that make it easier to get started.  They help set everything up for you and sometimes give you basic user management or security.

  • Jumpstart – As previously mentioned.
  • AppFuse – Lets you create a basic web application by choosing between a number of different web frameworks.

Modules and Components for Tapestry



  • Tapestry 5: Building Web Applications – Nice step-by-step guide, but is geared for Tapestry 5.0 and there have been a lot of improvements.  Still well worth reading.
  • Tapestry 5 – This book is in German, but it is being translated and should be part of Mannings Early Access Program very soon.


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