Police Chief Got Degree from Diploma Mill

KGWN – Cheyenne Police Chief Got Degree from Diploma Mill
The city of Cheyenne has paid for the city’s police chief to earn a masters degree from a suspected diploma mill.

Police Chief Bob Fecht got the degree from Lacrosse University in Mississippi.

I think the big question would be whether or not he got a raise for getting the degree. Also most employers will only reimburse education expenses for accredited institutions. Lacrosse claims to be accredited by some “international” accrediting institutions. They attempt to make it sound as if an “international” accreditation association is somehow better than the regional system used in the US.

Unlike US regional accreditation (which is divided into 6 territorial regions) ADLP is an international association, providing educational quality accreditation services to private high schools, vocational schools, universities, colleges and institutes worldwide.

Lacrosse is a place where they will give you credit for “life experience” as long as you still pay for the class. Their tution and fees page is interesting. A Bachelor’s degree is $2450 and Master’s is $2525. If you get both together they only charge $3000, but only if you’ve already done 75% of the work.

But if you’ve already done 75% of the work needed for a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree wouldn’t you already have a Bachelor’s degree? Oh I forgot about the Life Experience part. Evidently your life experience can give you at least 75% of what will normally require 6 years of hard study for everyone else.


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  1. Lacrosse University is a legitimate school according to the USDOE. Nowhere does the USDOE require or mandate that a school be accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the USDOE. And, the ADLP, the WAUC, and so on are legitimate accrediting agencies as there is no federal law mandating that accrediting agencies be recognized by the USDOE. These are the facts, like it or not. Until the laws change mandating USDOE recognized accrediting, we should not throw stones at those schools but at the USDOE and the federal government. Facts are facts. So, if the school is providing course work and montioring students’ performance, then the school is a “teaching” school and not a diploma mill – pay the fee and get the piece of paper. I have written the FTC and the USDOE about the WAUC and the ADLP, asking if these two agencies are frauds as the FTC has jurisdiction over the internet. According to the information, the agencies are operating under the requirements of law. These agencies may have questionable practices, but as long as the feds let them operate, then they are legit.

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