Two Plugins for WP

SEO Search Terms Tagging 2

This plugin keeps track of what search terms bring people to your site.   You can put a widget on your sidebar that links to the pages where people are going with the text that they are searching for.  This can give you some benefit in search engines and raise your ranking for those particular search terms because they are now used as anchor text in link.  Of course you’ll get more search engine benefit if the links are on other domains, but it can still help within your own domain.

You can also display search terms at the bottom of the page.  So if someone ends up on Page A looking for “blue poodles” the term “blue poodles” will get added to a list at the bottom of the page.  This means that if people start coming to one of your pages for a particular search phrase, your page will automatically optimize to include that phrase in the content.  You can also show a count of the number of times that phrase has sent visitors to the page. Beyond optimizing the page with the specific keyphrases people are using, it makes it easy to look at a page and see how people are getting there.  This can help give you ideas for future posts or may point to a way to optimize the content to draw more traffic.

LJ Longtail SEO

LJ Longtail SEO is similar, but it allows you to add a widget that shows phrases where people are clicking through from the second page of the search results.  So if you have a page that ranks for “free podcasts” on the second page of Google, once someone follows the Google link to your site, LJ Longtail SEO will add the term “free podcasts” and link to the page your sidebar widget.  This helps optimize your site for terms that you may not even realize you are ranking for.  The majority of web users click on a link on the first page of their search results. Since it often takes only a minimal amount of optimization to move from a second page position to a first page position, this can be a very effective way to increase the amount of traffic you get automatically.


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