Angry People Looking For Time Travel

A while back I wrote what I thought was a humorous post about some odd trading in the stock market being proof of time travel.  Evidently not everyone thought it was funny. Here is a comment I received.

You’re clearly an idiot for thinking this, also if you’re saying this as a joke, you’re not funny.

I have no idea why this frustrated me enough to have to come up with a fake emial and write some **** down, but it has

So here is the funny part:  I wondered, “how did this person find my site?”  I mean he seemed pretty upset with the fact that I’m either a) an idiot or b) not funny.  It turns out he came from Google and was looking for “proof of time travel”. I’m afraid my post didn’t meet his needs.

Now I have no idea who this person is, but all I can picture is uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite who bought a time machine off eBay. Somewhere there is someone who is trying to find a way to go back in time to save his high school football game.  As he desperately searches the Internet he somehow ends up on my website and is filled with rage!


6 Replies to “Angry People Looking For Time Travel”

  1. I am also extremely angered by this post. I really really really want to go back in time and trade on the stock market so I can make millions of dollars and buy your website so this madness will end!!

  2. I was also angered by this post in 2034. However, I went back to 1997 and took some Anger management classes and now I am angry with myself for being angry at this post. Came to 2010 to let you know your site is a big hit in the future.

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