Tax Credit on Bare Galvalume Roof

It turns out that a bare unpainted Galvalume roof doesn’t qualify for the $1,500 tax credit for energy efficient roofs. The metal roofs must be painted with a pigment that reflects heat. Bare Galvalume is Energy Star rated and shows better performance than most any color other than white. I’m wondering if the legal definition of what qualifies was written by lobbyists for the paint companies.


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  1. Older galvalume roofing with a decent slope (for water drainage) can be cleaned and painted white with quality house paint to reflect heat. It does about the same as the more expensive speciality roof coatings at less cost. I’ve used Zinsser 1-2-3 as a primer then Kelly-Moore’s Low Sheen (their direct to metal paint) or their Gloss Acrylic. applying 2 top coats. Ones I did nearly 20 years ago still look solid white tho the gloss is gone. These were on warehouses/machine shops and the owners said the inside temps did drop 15-22 degrees after the paint was applied.


    1. I have heard that the Galvalume roofs are supposed to be just about as efficient as a white painted roof with the special heat reflecting paint. The unpainted Galvanized roofs are supposed to be very inefficient from what have read.

  2. Where can i find the Energy Star rating on the Galvalume unpainted roofs.Something that i can download to show my homeowners association. Thank you for your help…….

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