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Hover MowerI just ran across a device called a hovermower. It looks like it is basically a hovercraft push lawn mower. Instead of using wheels, it forces air down into the deck and this creates a cushion for it to ride on. It is an interesting idea. The market it as being ideal for mowing steep inclines and around ponds.

I suppose there is some advantage in not having wheels that can get stuck when you try to pull it back up the hill, but it still seems a bit odd. The video makes it look like more of a replacement for a weedeater around ponds and on slopes.


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  1. I concur with what you are saying in your comments, but for me, the main advantage would be that the hover-air is lifting the weight of the mower engine, so it easily swings back and forth in an arc in front of the mower-person, like a weed-eater would do, while still (roughly) maintaining the height from the ground of the cutting blade. Given the weight swinging at the end of the arc, I would think you would still be pretty tired after mowing any sizable lot. Looks to me like an idea that is not going anywhere!

  2. Edmund, the hover mower has been around since the 1960s – http://www.flymo.com Flymo doesn’t sell them in the U.S. any more, but they’re really popular overseas. My family had one back in the 1970s and it was a blast to use.
    I found a couple used Flymos for sale recently and absolutely love them. They’ll go where a lawn mower would bog down or the wheels would stick and can clear out an overgrown area incredibly fast. I agree that it’s not ideal for mowing a large lot, but it’s amazing for cleaning up spongy ground or steep hills which is why a lot of golf courses use them. I used mine this weekend to clean out a half acre down by a stream that had become too brushy and tall for a lawn mower and it took way less time than a weedeater, plus it chops up the weeds and grass like a mulcher, so no big pieces to clean up afterward. Can you tell I love this thing? :D

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