Problem with Belkin Flip

I have the DVI version of the Belkin Flip (F1DG102D).  It allows me to use my MacBook Pro and Linux desktop on the same monitor, mouse and keyboard.  After a recent move I noticed that switching to Ubuntu would take 20 to 30 seconds to activate the keyboard and mouse.  It had worked before with a delay of only a few seconds.

After talking with Belkin tech support and getting no where I did some experimenting. It turns out that when I have more than one USB device plugged into the KVM’s input the delay occurs.  I had my mouse and keyboard plugged into one USB port and my monitor USB hub plugged into the other.  By disconnecting the monitor’s USB cord the problem went away.

Since the problem only happened with Linux and not OS X, my guess is that the operating system was trying to find the keyboard and mouse and somehow having the hub plugged in made the process take longer.


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