Kathy Sierra has an interesting post on her blog about college. Toward the end she talks about how her teenager has decided not to go to college. Kathy reasons that since her personal career has very little to do with her original degree, her daughter is just as well off to spend her time at a vegetarian cooking school instead of pursuing a 4 year degree.

While Kathy makes some excellent points, I don’t think that the cooking school is going to prepare her daughter as well as attending a university. It doesn’t matter what she studies. That is the whole point of a liberal arts education–you don’t just study your field of interest. Places like that are known as vocational schools.

Go to college and pick something you enjoy studying. You are going to spend 4 years developing yourself as a person. If you think the facts you learn in an accounting class to make you attractive to an employer in 10 to 15 years, you’re going to be very disappointed.


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