Storing your Maven Repository in CVS/Subversion

Brett Porter has hacked together a tool that will let you use a CVS or Subversion repository as your maven repository.

Brett Porter – Storing your Maven Repository in CVS/Subversion
It’s pretty rough, but is a working prototype that makes Maven 1.1/2.0 downloads a checkout/update, and deploy is an add/commit. I see this would be useful for snapshot repositories, where you could use one filename instead of transforming the version, so getting the latest would literally be an svn update.

If you are using Subversion with Apache, it is pretty easy to achieve most of this. The problem that I’m faced with is the fact that Maven can’t handle repositories that use SSL and a login.

Currently, I’m using a separate server to host our Maven repository because the Subversion server is using SSL. I hope that Maven will eventually come up with a way to work around this, but right now it looks like most of their efforts are being spent on Maven 2.


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