How to Publish a Book

I bought a copy of John T. Reed’s book called How to Write, Publish & Sell Your Own How-To Book.  It is an interesting read, so I wanted to review it.  Basically John Reed thinks selling through bookstores and through Amazon is a huge waste of money because so much of the profit ends up in other’s pockets. He makes some good points and he gives lots of examples of how he makes significantly more money by not selling in bookstores.

The style of the book is interesting. It often reads more like a rant than what you’d expect in a book. At the same time, he backs up what he says with data and experience so it isn’t like he is just pulling ideas of out the air.  He really likes subheadings.  Pretty much every paragraph contains its own subheading.  At first this seemed a bit odd, but it does make the book easy to scan and find just the portions that you want to read. Continue reading “How to Publish a Book”